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HVAC & the Geothermal Market

Geothermal Training
Rising energy costs and a focus on environmentally-friendly technology means a rise in HVAC jobs and a rise in pay.
US consumers are eager to install steady, economical heating and cooling devices in their homes. While geothermal technology has been available for decades, it has gone relatively unnoticed until recently. Geothermal providers have had a chance to perfect the technology over the years before introducing it to a wider audience. With the potential cost savings to customers, it is time for HVAC installers to get training in this field. Training opportunities are listed at HVAC Excellence, a non-profit organization in Mount Prospect, Illinois, dedicated to the education of HVAC workers ( 
According to HVAC Excellence, "because the technology is complex, and largely a field assembly of smaller systems, it can be a rather foreboding experience to the uninitiated. Besides formal training, available resources include well-known trade organizations such as IGSHPA, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, ASHRAE, American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers, NRECA, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and more.- 
A decision as to whether or not a Geothermal Heat Pump should be installed must first be made. Formal training will go over financial costs, principles of operation, essential refrigeration components and system, sizing of all systems, waterside and airside components and systems, electrical components and systems, structure thermal loads, and troubleshooting. Without proper training, there are certain items that workers often overlook.
Predictions for HVAC
There is a shortage of trained geothermal workers and HVAC technicians in general. The Department of Labor indicates that 40 percent of the HVAC industry is eligible to retire in the next decade. And up to 26 percent more job openings will be available. This translates to a need for 66 percent more HVAC workers. The work is getting more complex as the focus changes to energy efficient structures. It"s the right time to focus training on things like geothermal technology, and actively recruit at the same time. These tech jobs pay well and will continue to as the demand grows.

By Chris Navarro
Get HVAC Jobs, Contributing Editor

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